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023 VISP User Interface Design Best Practices

joe silva

One of the benefits of being a CLA (Certified LabVIEW Architect), is that you get to go to the exclusive CLA summit. This is a yearly event held in Austin and Europe for the purpose of discussing topics and issues affecting LabVIEW developers today. Topics range from LabVIEW frameworks to source code control techniques. Best of all, admission is free with your membership.

One very enlightening presentation was given by Joe Silva from National Instruments. In it he discussed some basic UI design principles that can help improve your design right away. I interview Joe in this episode and we highlight some of the topics in his presentation. We also discuss some of the struggles LabVIEW developers face in developing good UI designs. – If you want to catch Joe presenting, you can see his session this year at NIWeek 2013

Joe had a list of recommended reading in his presentation. Here is the list:

Links to content mentioned in this episode:

NSA Powerpoint slides, before and after. Designed for better comprehension and data presentation:

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