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VI Shots Hits the Road

Every now and then we go out and talk with people about the latest technology and ideas shaping our industry. If you know of an event or topic we should cover, let us know about it at feedback@vishots.com.

030 VISP VIShots Live panel from NIWeek 2012 thumbnail

Here’s a recording of the VI Shots Live panel I did way back at NIWeek 2012. You’ll hear me mention in the recording that this should go live soon after NIWeek. I guess soon meant a year, because here it is. On the panel are Jack Dunaway, Justin Goeres, me, Chris Relf and Brian Powell. We […] Read more

Original LabVIEW R&D Team Panel Discussion, Americas 2013 CLA Summit thumbnail

About the Panel This is a rare video recording of a panel discussion which took place at the Americas CLA (Certified LabVIEW Architect) Summit on March 5th 2013. This was on the schedule for the summit, but was intended as a filler for that morning because some of the participants were taking their CLA re-certification […] Read more

Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Team 1717 – FIRST Robotics thumbnail

This video is from my trip to Atlanta for the 2008 FIRST Robotic Championship.

Powercast Wireless Power System thumbnail

In this video from RoboBusiness 2008, we interview Steven from Powercast who shows off some cool wireless power technology. From the Powercast website: Founded in 2003, Powercast developed a receiver module with breakthrough efficiency levels. Coupled with a transmitter that sends RF energy using algorithms developed by Powercast, the Powercast Wireless Power Platform™ was born. […] Read more

LabVIEW based electric guitar effects pedals thumbnail

  A video from NIWeek 2008. Benjamin Cook really had fun building this electric guitar effects system based around NI hardware and LabVIEW. This is a wireless audio processing project. A 550 MHz transmitter transmits FM modulated data to a 5600 down converter. It down converts the data to 25MHz. That gets sent to a […] Read more