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022 VISP Build, License and Track your LabVIEW Application with BLT from Studio Bods


In this episode, I interview Matthias Baudot from Studio Bods. He's started a new company that just announced a product on the LabVIEW Tools Network called BLT for LabVIEW.

From the LabVIEW Tools Network Description:

  • License your own LabVIEW application in a few clicks – no coding required
  • Automatically (and remotely) update your applications when you make changes in your LabVIEW code
  • Automate the build process for your LabVIEW executables
  • Get user activity reports and error logs so you can remotely debug your program
  • Use BLT scripting to remotely execute actions on a deployed computer, e.g., update LabVIEW RT Engine
  • Disable parts of your code with features definitions

Links to content mentioned in this episode:

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