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024 VISP Humility and the LabVIEW Programmer

Brian PowellI've long anticipated this interview with Brian Powell. The impetus for this interview was a series of blog articles Brian wrote recently. BTW, I suggest everyone go to labviewjournal.com and read the entire series he wrote there.

Brian of course is well known as one of the original team members that helped bring LabVIEW 2.0 to market as a software engineer. His vast experience with working with LabVIEW teams shows in this interview, which is packed with wisdom. We discuss the following topics:

  • Humility and why that's a good character to have.
  • Why code reviews are essential and how to do them.
  • The importance of clarity in your software
  • Simple or Scaleable, are they conflicting requirements?

Visit LabVIEWJournal.com for more.

Brian Powell preparing for the VI Shots podcast interview

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