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042 VISP NI VirtualBench Packs 5 Essential Lab Benchtop Instruments in One

NI recently announced a small form factor instrument that packs a punch called VirtualBench. I interviewed Chris Delvizis, a Senior Product Manager at National Instruments about this new hardware. Aside from containing several instruments essential to a typical benchtop lab setup. It also works right out of the box with built-in software for the PC that loads when you plug in the USB cable. The NI VirtualBench iPad app is now available. Click the player above to listen to this weeks podcast episode, where we break down what VirtualBench is and if it's the right hardware for you.

NI VirtualBench


  • Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Function Generator
  • Programmable DC Power Supply
  • Digital I/O

Joel Shapiro, Leader of Emerging Markets Marketing at NI, said, “Many entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists don’t always have easy access to the instruments they need. Due to the excellent functionality, affordability and portability of VirtualBench, every engineer can immediately be equipped with the tools they require to bring their ideas to life and take it to market.” “We are building on what NI does best, which is our software-based approach to test and measurement,” said Chad Chesney, Director of Data Acquisition Marketing at NI. “VirtualBench’s software user experience is more intuitive, creating efficiencies that go above and beyond simply having these five devices in a single device.”

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