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011 VISP NI Field Architects Interview

I'm back from a very long absence. I've been very busy on various projects so I apologize for leaving you with such a huge gap. However, now I'm back and starting the flow of new audio podcast episodes and soon, new videos.

In this episode of the VI Shots podcast, I interview the three members of the recently formed Field Architects group at NI. Nancy Hollenback, Brian Powell and Charlie Knapp.

 From their blog:

We are a small, elite group of LabVIEW experts working in large accounts and helping engineers become more proficient in LabVIEW. We guide software architectures, develop technical leaders, and teach and encourage good software engineering.

Take a listen to this episode to gain some insight as to how this group of experts is expanding LabVIEW proficiency among large development teams by promoting good software engineering tools and practices.

Here are links to items mentioned in this podcast episode:

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