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021 VISP Your Framework Sucks! Why you should be using the Actor Framework Instead


Here at VI Shots, one of my goals is to always be expanding my knowledge into LabVIEW and learning new software engineering techniques and ideas. To that goal, I try to bring people on the show that can teach me, and in turn you, something new. This episode of the VI Shots LabVIEW podcast is no exception.

We all have, at some point, developed a framework that allows us to create parallel processes and communicate with them. We've even given them cool pet names. We're pretty proud of our creations and excited about using them in our customer projects. However, things fall apart at some point, usually with a looming project deadline.


Stephen Mercer and Allen Smith from National Instruments join me to discuss some of these framework problems and the solution they have within the Actor Framework. The Actor Framework is a collection of VIs made available through the LabVIEW 2012 palette and as a Project Template. Should you be using it in your next customer project? Listen to the show, then dig into it and try it for yourself.

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