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VI Shots LabVIEW Podcast

The VI Shots audio podcast is published every two weeks. Your host, Michael Aivaliotis, presents interviews and discussions with prominent members of the LabVIEW ecosystem. You can email us at: feedback@vishots.com. To listen, just click on one of the shows listed below. There is an embedded player on each show page.

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043 VISL What to see at NIWeek 2014 thumbnail

Are you excited about NIWeek? Here at VI Shots, we definitely are and to prepare you for what’s to come. I assembled 3 session speakers for you to talk about their sessions and what to expect. I also go through a run-down of some sessions that I recommend. There are also some activities that are […] Read more

042 VISP NI VirtualBench Packs 5 Essential Lab Benchtop Instruments in One thumbnail

NI recently announced a small form factor instrument that packs a punch called VirtualBench. I interviewed Chris Delvizis, a Senior Product Manager at National Instruments about this new hardware. Aside from containing several instruments essential to a typical benchtop lab setup. It also works right out of the box with built-in software for the PC that loads […] Read more

041 VISL Actor Oriented Development in LabVIEW thumbnail

The Actor Framework, is a LabVIEW framework that has a growing following. It allows you to build powerful applications that can contain asynchronous processes and allow them to communicate in a more robust manner. Jack Dunaway and I talk with Allen Smith, Dr. James Powell and Dave Snyder about what exactly is the Actor Framework and how […] Read more

040 VISL The LabVIEW Nomad thumbnail

How do you support your LabVIEW applications remotely? Have you found the right tools and methods that make your job easier? In this episode of VI Shots Live, we look at some of the benefits and pitfalls of remote collaboration and support. Jack Dunaway and I talk with Fabiola De La Cueva and Justin Goeres […] Read more

039 VISP Paintball Picasso with LabVIEW thumbnail

Waterloo labs is at it again with another creative project that merges LabVIEW, NI hardware and the maker mind-set. How about standing in front of 3 paintball guns as they automatically “draw” an outline of you? How about if the software controlling them was written by an NI intern? It turns out, this system is […] Read more