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VI Shots LabVIEW Podcast

038 VISL LabVIEW Consulting Panel Discussion thumbnail

I’d like to thank everyone for the positive feedback on our first VI Shots live, both in personal emails and also on our Google+ page. We’re back with a new live episode which was recorded on Feb. 26, 2014. You can listen to the podcast version of the show above or watch the embedded video […] Read more

037 VISP Applying The Agile Software Development Principles thumbnail

We’ve all heard of the Agile Software development methodology; but how many of us are actually using these principles while developing LabVIEW code? My guest, John Sextro is an Agile coach and an expert in the field of Agile Software development. Listen to this episode of the VI Shots podcast where I ask John about […] Read more

036 VISL Sustainable Careers in LabVIEW thumbnail

I’ve started something new here with Jack Dunaway from Wirebird Labs. We’ve decided to host monthly Google hangout sessions to discuss the business of software engineering with LabVIEW. The first one this month was held on Jan 29th, 2014 and was called: Sustainable Careers in LabVIEW. You can listen to the podcast version of the […] Read more

035 VISP Integrating Subversion with LabVIEW thumbnail

Using Subversion with LabVIEW is a challenge when it comes to some of the most popular free tools like Subversion (SVN). Eric Metzler from Viewpoint Systems took on the challenge of updating an older version of an internal company tool. The new free version of the TSVN tool won  the LabVIEW Tools Network Product of […] Read more

034 VISP Selling LabVIEW Based Software Products thumbnail

Jack Dunaway from Wirebird Labs is on this episode where we discuss his Deploy product and what it takes to develop great software products. Jack also announces a new “framework” he will be releasing in 2014 called Featherweight. Links to Content Mentioned: Deploy – LabVIEW Tools by Wirebird Labs Inspired –  Book by Marty Cagan VIPM Idea […] Read more