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040 VISL The LabVIEW Nomad

How do you support your LabVIEW applications remotely? Have you found the right tools and methods that make your job easier? In this episode of VI Shots Live, we look at some of the benefits and pitfalls of remote collaboration and support. Jack Dunaway and I talk with Fabiola De La Cueva and Justin Goeres on the topic of being a remote developer.

You can watch the video below or listen to the audio above. Listen to the end of the audio recording for a funny behind the scenes moment from the podcast version. To get notified of future VI Shots episodes, please join the mailing list at vishots.com/subscribe.

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Links to tools I recommend:

Collaboration Tools

  • Google Hangouts – This is a collaboration tool that I use to record VI Shots Live.
  • JoinMe – Lightweight meeting tool. Also has a web interface.
  • GoToMeeting – Highly recommended meeting tool. They also have GoToWebinar, which I've used many times for webinars.
  • Skype – Audio & Video over the Web. This is the main tool I use here at VI Shots for my interviews.

Remote Control & Support

  • TeamViewer – Powerful remote control software. This is expensive but it allows for unlimited hosts with one client.
  • LogMeIn – Remote Control software. This is a lower cost but you pay depending on the number of computers you control.

Hey, this is Michael Aivaliotis! Thanks for reading my post, listening to the podcast or watching the video on this page. When I’m not posting content on this site, I help companies develop automation powered by LabVIEW. If you want to find out how I can help you succeed with your next LabVIEW project – Contact Me.

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