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016 VISP Jeffrey Travis – Engineer Turned Filmmaker, Pursuing Your Passion

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeffrey Travis on this podcast episode. Jeffrey has written several LabVIEW related books, has released several open source LabVIEW tools such as LabVNC, LabSQL and LabPerl. He also has a very successful engineering business (Jeffrey Travis Studios ) developing LabVIEW based automation systems.

Over the years, he’s transitioned to a radically different career as a director in the filmmaking industry. He’s had many short film successes, but recently he’s directed an independent feature film called Dragon Day. I had a very interesting discussion with Jeffrey on the challenges to producing an independent film and the balance between his engineering background and his new found passion. Also listen to find out about a special cameo appearance in the film, and it’s not who you might think.

Jeffrey is a fellow engineer that decided to pursue his creative filmmaking passion. He describes how he made that happen in the interview. However, he needs our help. Please visit the following link and contribute what you can so he can complete the post production process and get it released. There are only a few days left in the campaign.


Excerpt from the films website:

When out-of-work techie Duke Evans and his family try to rebuild their lives in a remote mountain town, their own version of the American Dream is cut short as planes begin falling from the sky and all power, communications and transportation suddenly stops working. Caught in an unprecedented cyberattack that signifies the end of the U.S. as we know it, Duke and his family must use all their wits and the unlikely help of an illegal immigrant, to survive this frighteningly realistic scenario where water, food and time are running out.

Support the movie:

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