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027 VISP LabVIEW Component Oriented Design with Steve Watts


Steve WattsI had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Watts. I recorded this interview back in February, but only now had a chance to publish it. Steve has been writing industrial software for more than 25 years and began programming with LabVIEW in 1998. He is the co-owner of SSDC Ltd (Structured Software Design Consultants). His book, entitled “A Software Engineering Approach to LabVIEW” has achieved worldwide success. Some of the principles described in the book (LCOD) are still used to this day and are the easiest way to implement modular componentized reusable code. The design pattern is also know today as an action engine.

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Hey, this is Michael Aivaliotis! Thanks for reading my post, listening to the podcast or watching the video on this page. When I’m not posting content on this site, I help companies develop automation powered by LabVIEW. If you want to find out how I can help you succeed with your next LabVIEW project – Contact Me.

  • FabiolaDelaCueva

    Great interview! Thanks for sharing the history of LCOD. I always enjoy hearing Steve Watts’ perspective on Software Design and how to make better LabVIEW projects that the customer can support. And I love how Steve is direct and very honest with his remarks. I didn’t see a link for his blog, if people are interested, here it is: https://decibel.ni.com/content/blogs/labviewramblings

    It is called “Random Ramblings in LabVIEW Design”

    Thanks Michael for creating a podcast where I feel I am having coffee with my LabVIEW friends and heroes. Keep them coming!

    • Thanks! How could I forget that. I updated the post with the link.

    • Thanks! How could I forget. I updated the post with the link.

  • Richard Thomas

    Always great to Steve talk frankly about software engineering, LabVIEW and his company. Please follow up with another from Steve whenever you can! I wholeheartedly recommend everyone listen to this podcast!

  • Steen Schmidt

    Thanks for yet a great podcast. It’s really true in this day and age the talk about software design almost overshadows the problems we’re trying to solve. I mean, “I used OOP” is almost as good as “I solved the problem”… Refreshing to hear Steve talk about the real world, can’t wait to speak with him again.
    Thumbs up from here Michael, take care!

  • jacque broob

    I guess it depends what kind of programming depth things get into as well.

    We use a LOT of OO so classes & encapsulation and such I guess would work all the same.

    I’m a LabVIEW born programmer (but outgrew it quickly) so see the advantages in both graphical and text,

    and realy wish LabVIEW would embrace flawless keyboard navigation controls during programming.

    Quickdrop is a godsend for LabVIEW, but certainly a subset of what there could be.

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  • shaneriobruce

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