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LabVIEW based electric guitar effects pedals


A video from NIWeek 2008. Benjamin Cook really had fun building this electric guitar effects system based around NI hardware and LabVIEW.

This is a wireless audio processing project. A 550 MHz transmitter transmits FM modulated data to a 5600 down converter. It down converts the data to 25MHz. That gets sent to a 5640R IF-RIO card. The IF-RIO card has an FPGA. That’s where all the demodulation and audio processing happens which then gets sent out the sound card. You get very low latency audio response.

About the author: Michael Aivaliotis has been working in the test and measurement industry since 1993 with LabVIEW 3.0. He started his career as a test engineer and quickly fell in love with the graphical programming paradigm that LabVIEW provided. Since then, he’s worked on or developed an incredible number of complex test systems in electronics, semiconductor, automotive, telecom, biomedical and other industries. He’s an Certified LabVIEW Architect and a Certified LabVIEW Instructor. He also has the distinction of being among a select few LabVIEW Champions. In 2002, he created the LAVA Forums which have now become the largest independent online LabVIEW community. Email Me

  • Nitin

    Can this be done without any hardware? I mean using just the line in of a sound card to line out? or will that result in high latency?

  • http://www.extramusical.com/catalog/index.php guitar

    Sounds like line6 competition.

  • http://www.enabletc.com PAllen

    I remember seeing this as NI Week. Ever since I’ve been looking for the code that was used to produce the effects. Will this code ever be posted anywhere?

  • http://www.labviewconsultants.com jeff – labview consultants

    Can we have few mp3s of recorded music?