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VI Shots Hits the Road

Technical overview of cRIO (Compact RIO) controller used in FIRST Robotics thumbnail

  This video highlights the new Compact RIO hardware that will be used as the controller for the 2009 FIRST robotics competition in the FRC category. National Instruments had a booth close to the pits at the 2008 FRC final championship in Atlanta. They built several robots demonstrating the capabilities of the new controller. One […] Read more

Boston Engineering – FlexStack using LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK thumbnail

Boston Engineering has created FlexStack. The FlexStack product is a 2.5 inch, rugged platform that takes advantage of the flexibility of LabVIEW Embedded with the power of the Analog Devices Blackfin Processor. Additional Resources: Boston Engineering Website FlexStack Information LabVIEW Microprocessor SDK

Dexter and Monty, ANYBOTS Teleoperated Robot thumbnail

Dexter is a biped teleoperated robot created by the Mountain View, CA based company – Anybots. Dexter’s walking is performed autonomously and is a demonstration of the type of hybrid robot that Anybots is working on. It will mainly be teleoperated but certain tasks will be automated such as walking. Here’s a VI Shots video […] Read more

Gigapan, NASA Ames Research and K10 thumbnail

VI Shots talked with Maria Bualat from the NASA Ames Research Intelligent Robotics Group. Gigapan.org is a website where people can upload super high resolution panoramic photos. These photos were taken by a prototype motorized automated pan and tilt camera mount that figures out the exact positions of all the multiple snapshots required to make […] Read more

Galileo Mobility Instruments Robot thumbnail

In this VI Shots video taken at Robodevelopment 2007, we talk with Ariel Cohen the founder and chairman of Galileo Mobility Instruments. Their company has developed a unique wheel that can transform into a rugged track quickly and easily. Galileo is the innovator of a unique breakthrough technology, The Galileo Wheel which combines wheel and […] Read more