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006 VISP Mentoring a FIRST Robotics Team


In this episode of the VI Shots LabVIEW podcast I chat with Crystal Drumheller from W.L.Gore and Associates in Flagstaff Arizona and Justin Goeres from JKI. Before Crystal worked for her current employer, she worked for National Instruments. That's where she got the LabVIEW bug and hasn't looked back.

Both Crystal and Justin mentor FIRST Robotics teams and they both participated with their teams in the FIRST championship in St. Louis, Missouri this past April. Have you ever wondered about being a mentor for a local FIRST robotics team? Listen to this podcast to find out first hand from these mentors.

Also, listen to find out how Justin ended up with a bloody head wound during the championship.

Here are links to items mentioned in this podcast episode:

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  • Anonymous

    Loved this podcast, I hope a lot more LabVIEW developers get involved in FIRST. I still have a smile on my face after listening. I was a judge a couple of years back for the Texas regionals and it is amazing how hard those kids work and some of their stories are fascinating. Maybe you could interview some of the kids in the software part of the teams for a future podcast.

  • Great podcast – thoroughly enjoyed it!  Maybe you could interview a couple of the students on Crystal’s and Justin’s teams?

  • Rsisk101

    Great interview, only one comment, the lending of parts and filling out the form at the competition is looked at for the Gracious Professionalism award, not the Chairman’s award.

    Really enjoyed the interview, great job!

    • Thanks for listening and thank you for the correction.

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